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How to Choose the Perfect Caviar for a Special Occasion

Whether you’re an experienced caviar aficionado or if you’ve never tried the delicacy before, you may need some help choosing the perfect caviar or roe for your event. It’s common to search the websites of various caviar companies wondering what to buy and you might even be surprised at how many different types of caviar there are to buy.

There are a number of things to consider when making your caviar purchase. The first thing to know is that caviar isn’t just ‘fish eggs.’ Caviar is eggs specifically from the sturgeon species of fish. You may find fish eggs in the grocery store or find cheap ‘caviar’ online, but unless it is from one of the 27 species of sturgeon fish, it’s not actually caviar.

Roe, however, is a term that does mean ‘fish eggs.’ So, all caviar is in fact roe, but not all roe is caviar.

This is why, in our caviar shop, you’ll see the term ‘roe’ used to describe our salmon products instead of caviar. Salmon eggs are regarded as exceptionally flavorful roe, but since salmon is not part of the sturgeon family of fish, it isn’t actually caviar.

So how do you know what to buy for a special occasion?

How to Choose Caviar

When selecting caviar, you’ll want to consider when you’ll be serving it and what you want to serve it with. Your purchase might also be a gift, and if so, you might be wondering what price point you should consider.

Rest assured, any gift of caviar or high-quality roe is a wonderful treat and delightful gift.

Here is our best advice on how to choose the perfect caviar for your event.

When will your caviar be served?

If you’re serving breakfast, salmon roe is an excellent choice to spoon over eggs. With lunch, many people prefer lighter, golden variations of roe, such as Imperial varieties and Royal Osetra Malossol. Stronger roe varieties are often served as dinner appetizers instead of as part of the main course.

What can you afford?

It’s no secret that caviar is a delicacy, and with prestige comes a price tag that’s a bit on the higher side. While we offer some of the most affordable prices in the country, we know that caviar is still a splurge. You don’t have to buy the most expensive caviar to get an enjoyable treat or gift. Instead of worrying about buying the most expensive caviar, read the product descriptions and choose something that sounds appealing to your taste buds.

How many people will be eating?

Plan to serve 1-2 oz of caviar per person, so if you’re feeding a number of people, you’ll want to consider purchasing larger quantities. You’ll need to balance this with your budget, but also, if you’re not sure if your guests enjoy caviar, you’ll want to choose a caviar most people will like and that’s easy to eat. If you have a few first-time caviar eaters in your group, consider our Caspian Style American Paddlefish. It’s an easy-to-serve and easy-to-enjoy variety most people will like.

Caviar for Date Night

American paddlefish is excellent for raising your serotonin levels (responsible for helping you feel happy) and has a reputation for being an aphrodisiac. Served with a beautiful bottle of wine and some light snacks, it will be a delicious and appreciated gesture.

Caviar for a Holiday or Family Gathering?

Salmon roe pearls are small and delicate making them easy to enjoy with a flavor that’s easy to enjoy. You’ll likely please everyone with salmon roe, plus its bright orange-red beads look fabulous on a holiday table. Caviar for a Fancy Dinner or Important Celebration American White Sturgeon or Imperial Ossetra exude luxury and will make your guests feel like royalty. Caviar always gives an air of elegance and class, but these two rare and treasured caviars will take your event to a whole new level. Serve at anniversary dinners, weddings, or other events you want to remember forever.

When You’re Serving Someone You Want to Impress

Do you need to impress your boss, business partner, or in-laws? Premium Sevruga is sure to make your guests feel like VIPs while positioning you as a person of power with exquisite taste. Any caviar enthusiast will recognize Sevruga on your table and recognize it as one of the finest delicacies on earth.

Still not sure which caviar to buy?

If you aren’t sure which caviar to buy, don’t worry. Choose caviar or roe that fits with your budget and appeals to your taste buds. Every product in our caviar shop is of excellent quality, sure to make a statement at your special event.

Buying for a large gathering?

If you need to place a large order of caviar, we may be able to provide you with bulk pricing. We’re also happy to make a recommendation. Use our contact form to inquire. Just let us know your budget and what type of event you are planning for, and we’ll be happy to help.

Most Popular Types of Black Caviar

  1. Caspian Beluga
  2. Imperial Ossetra Caviar
  3. Royal Ossetra Caviar
  4. Russian Ossetra Caviar
  5. Siberian Sturgeon / Baerii Caviar
  6. Sevruga Caviar
  7. River Beluga (Kaluga)
  8. River Beluga Gold (Kaluga Gold)
  9. American Hackleback Sturgeon Caviar
  10. American Paddlefish Caviar
  11. American White Sturgeon Caviar