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You don’t have to wait to sell, serve, or gift your own caviar tins or jars. We offer the highest-quality, expertly packaged caviar at the absolute best wholesale prices.

Let us show you how simple it can be.

Why Use Our Caviar White-Label Service?

There are many different reasons why people use our premium white label service.


Chefs and restaurant owners want to offer their own caviar products without the hassle of sourcing from farms and distribution centers.

Fine Food Shops

Shop owners want to offer exclusive delicacies in a fast and affordable way.

Online Shop Owners

Online retailers want to offer their own private label products without researching and sourcing caviar from around the world.

Company Owners

Owners who want to give elegant gifts to clients or employees use our white labe servicel to send unique, customized, and memorable tins of caviar.

Party Hosts

Wedding and other celebration planners can buy custom-labeled caviar tins to give as gifts or as a show-stopping addition to their food offering.

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There’s a lot to consider when you want to sell or gift caviar. The research alone can be overwhelming! We know because we did it!

Instead of researching sturgeon farms, roe distributors, factories, and harvesting methods or figuring out which products are best to serve, let us fast-track you by giving you access to our complete White Label system.

Product Highlights

Growth and Harvesting

We offer only responsibly-farmed and harvested caviar from the USA and Europe. We take great pride in our caviar which is among the best quality products available in America.

Guaranteed Delivery

We offer expedited shipping methods and systems that guarantee your caviar arrives quickly. Freshness is of the highest priority and we consider delivering the best-tasting products of the utmost importance.


Labeling and packaging services make customizing your caviar tins a breeze. Our expert team will help you choose from our pre-designed labels and packaging, or our Private Label team can work with you to design your own branding. Logo design services and custom color matching are available so you can create an entire empire without all the tiresome leg work.

Excellent Options

From economical, entry-level caviars to the rarest roe on earth, we offer something to satisfy almost every budget and taste bud. River Beluga, American Paddlefish , American White Sturgeon, Imperial Osetra, Premium Sevruga, Salmon Roe, Russian Osetra. And many more.

Creating Your Own Caviar Packaging Is Fast and Easy

Choose your level of customization.

White Label

This is the fastest and most cost-effective way to launch your caviar brand.
Choose from our gorgeous bank of pre-designed labels and packaging. Our talented team will add your logo or event title and color match everything to your specification.

Private Label

For a more customized, premium look, our team of designers will help you build your own unique brand identity. We can help design your logo if needed, and build premium brand elements specifically for your budding company, like custom labels and packaging, tailored to your preferences.

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Why Choose Us?

Our products come highly recommended by celebrities and people who are invested in health.

“Eating well is one of the absolute most important factors in my success as an athlete. I eat the healthiest, freshest foods whenever possible, and when I tried Captain’s Caviar, I knew I was feeding my body well. Captain’s Caviar was different from others. Very fresh, very flavorful, and smells just incredible. I look forward to my monthly supply and always buy enough to share with friends.”

Jorge Masvidal
UFC Fighter

"The taste is out of this world, the package and texture is top shelf. I highly recommend it for any up scale dinner party or holiday gift."

Julianna Strout

Find Out About the Newest Products and Hottest Selling Caviar

One of the most difficult things about selling your own products is the investment of time spent researching new products and trends in the market. With our White Label service, we’ll invest our time instead.

When we offer new products, you’ll have access. When certain products are trending, we’ll let you know. You don’t just have access to our caviar, you’ll have access to our knowledge bank as well.

Save Time and Money

Creating your own caviar products that are delicious while also researching for the best farms, harvesters, and manufacturing centers takes extensive research and time. Mistakes in decisions can be devastatingly expensive.

Partnering with us can alleviate the stress associated with getting your caviar brand off the ground. It’s simple to understand that using existing, best-selling products can help you save effort and time. Be confident knowing you’re getting a superior product, every single time.

Not sure which caviar varieties are best for your needs? Select from our ready-to-label caviar selections by reading more about them on our product pages.

Our Most Popular Products

  • Ossetra Malossol Caviar
    Royal Ossetra Caviar 9 oz Tin

    Among our best-selling products time and time again, Royal Ossetra has a loyal fanbase of buyers, likely for its delicate balance of bold yet refined...

    Starting from $65
    Starting from $65
    Sold out
  • River Beluga Malossol Caviar

    Among the finest products we offer, Beluga caviar is one of the most valuable delicacies in the world. Beluga is a freshwater fish from the...

    Starting from $65
    Starting from $65
    Sold out
  • American White Sturgeon Caviar

    American-grown White Sturgeon produces spectacularly shiny, almost-black pearls of the finest caviar. Always compared to Caspian Osetra, this sophisticated caviar will be the...

    Starting from $49
    Starting from $49
    Sold out

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